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Preço R$560.00

Pearl Izumi's Elite Jersey sports their Elite Transfer fabric with their Direct-Vent panels and In-R-Cool technology for excellent moisture management, ventilation, and temperature control so you stay super comfortable on all your rides. You also get a full zip, 3 rear pockets, and reflective accents.
Camisa de Ciclismo Castelli Fedele
Preço R$700.00

The Castelli Fedele Full Zip Short Sleeve Jersey is designed to be used either one of two ways: alone as a mid-weight short sleeve jersey or together with the Castelli Feroce long sleeve base layer to create what is effectively a long sleeve jersey.
Constructed using Castelli's new mid-weight Thermoflex Light fabric for warmth and excellent moisture wicking, the Fedele Short Sleeve Jersey is ideal for between-season riding. Thermoflex Light fabric has a brushed, fuzzy finish that feels soft, warm, and comfortable while the 4-way stretch keeps the Fedele form-fitting and aerodynamic.
Camisa de Ciclismo Assos Super Light
Preço R$805.00

Summer can be a blessing and a curse. While the sensation of freezing is terrible, the experience of melting is much worse. And like winter demands multiple layers, summer requires the shedding of them. That's why the lightweight, sleeveless design of the Assos Super Light Sleeveless Jersey is ideal for keeping you cool no matter how blazing hot it is -- the less sleeves the better.
Camisa de Ciclismo Castelli Garmin Aero Race
Preço R$805.00

Castelli designed the Garmin Aero Race Jersey to help you go faster. Castelli tested the Aero Race Jersey in a wind tunnel and found that it saves 10 watts if you're riding in this jersey at 40km/h compared to a normal race-cut jersey. That equates to about 36 seconds for every hour you ride, and 36 seconds is a long time when you're sitting at the finish line waiting for the guy behind you to finally cross. And it's a whole lot longer if you're trying to catch the guy who's 36 seconds ahead of you.
Conjunto de Camisa de Ciclismo EPIX Graffiti e Bermuda de Compressao.
Preço R$822.50

-Graffiti Aero Jersey & Compression Shorts.
Conjunto de Camisa de Ciclismo EPIX e Bermuda Muscle.
Preço R$822.50

-Muscle Jersey & Shorts.
Conjunto de Camisa de Ciclismo EPIX e Bermuda Cyborg.
Preço R$822.50

-Cyborg Jersey & Shorts.
Camisa de Ciclismo Castelli Fuga Full-Zip
Preço R$840.00

Though Castelli has made a point of creating jerseys that are cutting-edge even for the most advanced teams in the ProTour, it also recognizes that many of us are perfectly happy with training jerseys that offer adequate pocket space and a comfortable fit. It's not that we don't like having the best quality possible; it's just that we like to have enough coin left over to buy multiple jerseys for our five or six rides a week. The Castelli Fuga Full Zip Short Sleeve Jersey will cover all the bases in terms of what we need in a top-quality jersey while still leaving us with enough wherewithal that we can face our wives with a clear conscience.
Camisa de Ciclismo Castelli Prima Full-Zip
Preço R$840.00

Comfort and fit are Castelli's primary focus for this jersey. By using the Prosecco 3D fabric, Castelli has guaranteed that you'll feel comfortable and dry no matter how hot and humid the day is. That's because the Prosecco hydrophilic treatment speeds up the evaporation of any resulting moisture by spreading it over a larger surface area within the fabric. The 3-D structure of the fabric makes it seem like it is practically floating above your skin, providing just enough contact points to improve wicking without that uncomfortable clinging feeling. Consequently, you stay dry and comfortable.
Camisa de Ciclismo Castelli Gabba WS
Preço R$875.00

If it's race day and the rain is coming down in buckets, you obviously need to stay dry to win. Instead of throwing on a flappy jacket, gain an advantage over the pack with the Castelli Gabba WS Short Sleeve Jersey. The Gabba WS jersey was designed hand-in-hand with the Cervelo Test Team and the Garmin-Barracuda cycling team to create an edge against the brutal weather of the spring classics. The Gabba WS fits and feels like an aero jersey, but with all of the weather protection of a rain jacket.